Road Tripping

When I moved to Portland from Atlanta in 2010, I drove the northern route with my cousin (up to Madison and then across 90). This time, I've got one of my hometown BFFs along for the ride, and we're taking a southern route through Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and Georgia before winding up in North Carolina. Between these two trips, I will have successfully circled a good portion of the US - and also successfully avoided the plains states (sorry, Kansas, cornfields aren't my thing).

The Honda in the Badlands, South Dakota

Although driving through the southwest in July might not be ideal, I'm really excited about the itinerary. The first week will be all brand new stops for me - and two new states! The second part will be a chance to spend time with good friends in cities I love. We'll be doing a combination of camping, airbnb-ing, bed-and-breakfasting, and crashing with friends.

The whole trip will take about 14 days, 12 states, and 3500 miles! My car's been given the green light by my mechanic and she's all ready to be packed up and hit the road in just a few weeks!

Have you ever driven cross-country? How do you keep from getting bored on long driving days? Any tips for things to do/eat in the spots we'll be stopping along the way?


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