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Why am I not having the BEST TIME EVER?

Richard and I spent 10 weeks traveling in Southeast Asia over the summer and I haven't written or shared much about it. It was a good trip, but... it wasn't necessarily the right trip for me to be on in that moment. It's hard to admit that, because people expect to always hear that travel is amazing and wonderful and joyful and that you're having the BEST TIME EVER. But sometimes that's not the case. Not because of anything wrong with the destination, or the trip, or the travel partner - but because of what's going on inside your head. You don't escape what's in your head by traveling - sometimes you feel it more acutely. The year leading up to the trip was busy and frequently chaotic, starting with a move to Ghana for 5 months. I came home after layoffs at work and was given more responsibility, which was great but also meant more things to juggle and more travel. Then Richard got into a masters program at UCLA, hooray! So we started planning our cro

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