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Chale Wote

I'm not really a festival person. I like the idea of festivals - food, music, good people watching - but I find it hard to relax and enjoy myself in large crowds of people. But when you're in Ghana for Chale Wote, it's not to be missed.

Chale Wote is a street art festival that started in 2011 and has grown hugely popular. It draws artists from all over West Africa and around the world, and more than 30,000 people attended last year. It's held in Jamestown, the oldest neighborhood in Accra, and still a working fishing village. It's a poor area, and the festival brings a lot of money to local vendors, in addition to being a platform for the artists.

17th-18th century forts and abandoned prisons create beautiful and haunting galleries for contemporary art. Music blares from speakers every 50 feet or so, blurring songs together so you aren't quite sure what you're hearing. Local chiefs paraded by with drums and fanfare, and the president even drove through, wind…

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