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Being Adventurous

Although I've been coming to Ghana on and off for several years, I haven't traveled much alone in the country/region. Most of the time, I work so much that I rarely leave Accra. When I do venture farther afield, it's in an office vehicle (if it's for work) or with friends who have cars. That is to say - although people may think I'm off living an adventurous life in Africa, it's all been very easy and safe.

So when I was preparing to meet up with a coworker from the US in Benin, I found myself surprisingly nervous about making the trip by myself. Compounding my nervousness was the general lack of information about the journey (transport options, cost, travel times) available on the internet, and the fact that I speak very little French.

I fretted over what transport to use and how to negotiate it if I don't speak the language. I worried over whether I'd have enough time to get to Benin in one day. I wasn't sure if my Ghanaian phone would work, and …

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