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Mole National Park: A Safari Splurge

I remember the first time I saw an elephant in the wild. We were on our second day of safari in Tanzania, and had left the magical Ngorongoro Crater for Tarangire National Park. We'd already seen hippos and lions and zebras and ostriches - so much amazing wildlife. But when I finally saw elephants, I was in total awe. The elephants seemed to have a level of intelligence and awareness and serenity that really moved me.

Ghana is not known for its wildlife. Unlike Tanzania, it's not the kind of place one comes for safari. There are no giraffes or zebras or big cats (well, allegedly a few lions that no one has seen in years) - but there are elephants. To see them you have to go north, to Mole National Park (pronounced Moh-lay, like the Oaxacan sauce, not like the rodent).

Mole is still developing as a tourist destination, and there are essentially two options right now: budget (Mole Motel) or luxury (Zaina Lodge). Those who know me may be shocked, but after some debate, Kendra (w…

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